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 Information Technology Division

Information Technology (IT) is an internal service division of the City of Grand Junction created to support all of the City's technology needs. Using specialists in the areas of computer support, networking, application development and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), IT centrally supports all of the City's automated computer and telecommunication systems. The IT Division is responsible for evaluating, recommending, purchasing, installing, and supporting all of the City's automated systems including financial management, office automation, monitoring, and communications networks for both voice and data.

IT currently includes 23 staff members that support more than 500 personal computers and laptops, 90 network file servers, several hundred different software applications, more than 100 printers, and 100+ handheld devices. In addition, we support numerous communication servers, 700 phones, and 12 phone switches that are all part of the City's Wide Area Network. Technology is an enabling agent which most City employees use to enhance their ability to provide services to the citizens of Grand Junction. Almost all services provided by the City start and end with technology. Some are entirely provided via technology. 

Our Overriding Philosophy    

Use proven technology, one generation behind the leading edge 

Our Objectives

1.  Provide a stable, secure, efficient, cost effective and robust network infrastructure 

2. Improve business processes and services through the use of integrated technology and automated services. 
3. Maintain the resources and skills necessary to support City technology initiatives 

Service Initiative   

As with most modern organizations, technology plays an important role in helping the City efficiently provide services to it's citizens. To reach out to the various departments and service locations, the City maintains a fiber backbone, supplemented with high speed telecommunication lines (T-1). Our network doesn't stop at the office. We have numerous police, fire, and ambulance vehicles connected via wireless communication technologies. The City continues to evaluate new technologies as they develop in an effort to continue to improve the services we provide in a cost effective manner.



 Computer Donation Program - In an effort to keep electronics out of our landfills, the City of Grand Junction utilizes a computer donation program which is available to local non-profit organizations.


 GIS Main Page - View GIS Maps of the City of Grand Junction.


 City of Grand Junction Computer/Device/Network Terms & Conditions