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    The City Clerk's Office primary functions are to maintain the City's official records, the City's Code of Ordinances, conduct municipal elections, process and issue liquor licenses, prepare for and staff City Council meetings, and advertise for Volunteer Boards and Commission vacancies. 


    To Contact the City Clerk's Office:
    Stephanie Tuin 

    City Clerk

    (970) 244-1511

    a Stephanie Tuin
    Juanita Peterson 

    Deputy City Clerk

    (970) 244-1423

    b Juanita Peterson
    Debbie Kemp 

    Deputy City Clerk

    (970) 244-1510

    c Debbie Kemp
    Deana Pietro 

    Administrative Assistant

    (970) 244-1509

    Deana Pietro
    Melinda Catapano 

    Records Manager

    (970) 244-1497

    Melinda Catapano