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  • The Historic Preservation Board is appointed by the Grand Junction City Council.  The board makes recommendations to the City Council regarding historical designations, advises the Council on matters concerning historical preservation, conducts surveys of historic areas, reviews proposals to alter historic resources, and provides public education opportunities regarding historic preservation.  The Board or any individual may file an application for historic designation of a structure through the Public Works and Planning Department.  


    Grand Junction's History


    For hundreds of years the Ute tribes roamed throughout Western Colorado.  Upon the relocation of the Utes in 1881, the area was opened for settlement and the town of Grand Junction was established.  Since that time, Grand Junction's development has experienced several cycles of boom and bust.  Agricultural crises, the Great Depression, the growth and decline of the uranium industry and the departure of the oil shale companies left visible reminders of their impact on the community.  Many of the sites or structures representative of Grand Junction's past have been saved with notable examples in the North Seventh Street Historic District, the Railroad Depot, the Avalon Theater and the St. Regis Hotel.


    National Register of Historic Places 


    Denver Rio Grande Western Railroad Depot

    119 Pitkin Avenue

    Built 1905


    Handy Chapel

    202 White Avenue

    Built 1892


    Hotel St. Regis

    359 Colorado Avenue

    Built 1892-1924


    Margery Building

    519-527 Main Street

    Built 1906


    North 7th Historic Residential District

    7th Street between Hill and White Avenue

    Built 1890-1930


    US Post Office/Wayne Aspinall Federal Building/US Courthouse

    400 Rood Avenue

    Built 1918

    Stranges Grocery

    226 Pitkin Avenue

    Built 1909


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