• Municipal and Teen Court

    The City of Grand Junction's Municipal Court handles over 12,000 court cases each year involving juvenile and adult traffic, minor misdemeanor, and animal control violations. Customer Service is responsible for processing these cases including all court proceedings, record keeping, revenue collection/recording and enforcement processes.

    City of Grand Junction Teen Court, which is an alternative system for some juvenile offenders, is administered jointly by Municipal Court and the City Attorney's Office. All violations written into Municipal Court are issued by the City of Grand Junction Police Department and Mesa County Animal Control Officers.


    Joanna Adams is the Municipal Court Administrator.
    Comments and suggestions are welcome! 970-244-1537

  • Parking

    The City of Grand Junction has ample parking for its downtown patrons with over 1,000 meters (map of all downtown parking meters), 180 time-limited parking spaces and the parking garage located in the 400 block of Rood Avenue. The parking garage has 448 parking spaces; 126 of those spaces are available for short-term/daily public parking, and the remaining spaces are being used for long-term leased parking. If you are interested in leased parking, please email Scott Hockins

    Parking Meter Rates


    *Short-Term Meters (2-4 Hours) and Garage Main Floor: $0.50 per hour


    *Long-Term Meters (10 Hours): $0.10 per hour or $0.90 per day


    *Street Parking Pass for Long Term Meters: $25.00 per month


    Parking Garage Rates


    *Short-Term Lease (Month-to-Month)

        -Surface Spaces: $10.00 per month

        -Covered Spaces: $60.00 per month


    *Long-Term Lease (10-yr with Renewal Option): $10,550.00


    Parking rates are enforced Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Parking is free in the evenings and on the weekends!

    Park Smart Cards
    The Park Smart cards are pre-paid parking cards that you can use in the pay stations in the garage or the newly upgraded meters. You can purchase the card and/or find out more information by visiting Customer Service in City Hall (corner of 5th & Rood) or by calling 244-1537.

    Parking Tickets
    The Police Department issues parking tickets. Most parking tickets are $15 for overtime parking or $20 for illegal parking. Be aware, however, that if the ticket remains unpaid, late fees are added to the original fine at $10 each week. If the ticket remains unpaid after a month, a warrant fee of $35 is added. Customer Service is responsible for all record keeping, payment collection and enforcement processes.

    You can pay tickets in person at City Hall, 250 N. 5th Street or by mailing a payment to: Municipal Court, P.O. Box 1809, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501. You can protest the ticket and have a court trial by calling Municipal Court at 970-244-1537. Please read the back of the ticket and/or envelope carefully for additional information.