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  • Plant Operations

    The goal of the Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant operations is to treat the community's wastewater in a fiscally responsible manner that will protect the public health and environment. Staying fiscally responsible and efficient ranges from changing the way we aerate to save electrical power, to using the smallest amount of chemical addition to get the desired effect in treatment. Protecting the public health and environment is achieved by using maximum diligence in operations monitoring, testing and process control adjustment. This ensures that all plant processes work in synergy and that the final effluent will meet all limits set forth in the discharge permit issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

    In looking toward the future, a growing population in the Grand Valley means a growing wastewater volume to be treated. Several plant improvement projects have already been implemented that will make the Persigo plant more reliable and efficient. As needs continue to change, we will adapt to meet those needs now and in the future. 


    If you would like more information about Plant Operations, please email Jay Vancil, Operations Supervisor, or call (970) 256-4166.