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The GJPD is excited to offer RIO Logo


This system can save you a trip to the police station by allowing you to go online to file reports that are for information or insurance reporting purposes only. The types of incidents that can be reported online include:

    * Lost property

    * Theft, including from a building or vehicle, where there is no physical evidence or suspect information

    * Vandalism or damage to property, when there is no physical evidence or suspect information

    * Harassing phone calls, when there is no physical evidence or suspect information 



Through RIO, you can also access the forms necessary to report financial crimes.

Because these reports are for incidents that lack evidence or suspect information, further investigation is not expected unless new information develops or property is recovered.

RIO is only an optional service offered to you, and is not intended to replace your ability to make a report in person with a GJPD employee. The goal is to give you one more tool that will hopefully make the process of reporting incidents more convenient for you.