This isn't done yet, I have css code that will work for print and email but still need to do the javascript for the top links. RSS .css TBFO (to be figured out). Please look at the links if you can. Can you let me know if this page was quick or slow to load in your browser, and if so was it as slow as the home page compiling? If it slow is this is a perfect opportunity for me show MeiLani because when I first started with her I sent her the email from Don Hand and she said she hadn't seen that before. From what I'm seeing in all five browsers that is not the case. She maybe hadn't see a blank default page behaves that way before, just a hunch. If it's not slow it's another opportunity to talk about page caching and .net control caching. MORE CSS coming on the footer links, etc. and of course the navigation when I get back to that. Thanks!