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  • Purchasing Division 

    City purchasing policy is established by resolution of the City Council.  Authority to establish rules and regulations for procurement of goods and services is authorized by the City Manager as the Chief Executive Officer. By authority of the City Manager, the Purchasing Manager shall have the actual authority and power to insure compliance with the City's purchasing policy and is responsible for the daily operations of the Purchasing Division.


  • To Contact the Purchasing Division...

    250 N. 5th Street 

    Grand Junction CO 81501

    Telephone 970 244-1533 

    Fax 970 256-4022


  • More about the Purchasing Division....

    Purchase Order Terms and Conditions






    Electronic Vendor Registration Guide
    Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing Vendor Registration Guide






    Current Bidding Opportunities  



    Thermal Imagers
    Responses Due: April 17, 2014 prior to 2:30 P.M.
    Upgrade and Maintenance of TV Translator System
    Responses Due:  April 17, 2014 prior to 3:30 P.M.

    Mesa Developmental Services/STRIVE Building Improvement Project
    Responses Due:  April 22, 2014 prior to 12:00 noon

    Trim Mower**
    Responses Due: April 22, 2014 prior to 2:30 PM MDT

    Design/Build Interior Lighting Project for Two Rivers Convention Center
    Responses Due:  NOTE:  The Response Date/Time has been extended to May 8, 2014 prior to 2:00pm

    Tires and Repair Services
    Responses Due: April 22, 2014 prior to 3:30 PM MDT

    Crackfill Material 2014**
    Responses Due: April 23, 2014 prior to 3:00pm

    Fire Uniforms and Work Clothing**
    Responses Due: April 29, 2014 prior to 3:30 PM MDT
    Wide Area Mower**
    Responses Due: May 6, 2014 prior to 330 PM MDT

    ** (For this solicitation, documents are to be accessed through Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.  Free or Pay registration is required.  Responses shall be submitted through Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System ONLY and in electronic format ONLY.  For questions, please contact 970-244-1533 or see our "Electronic Vendor Registration Guide" at the top of this page.)