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  • Transportation Engineering
  • Mission

    Our division provides for the safe and efficient movement of traffic on our roadway system within our community. We provide this by using the latest materials, equipment, technology, and standards and apply good engineering practices in designing and installing signalization, pavement markings, and signing. We also, provide engineering input to major road construction projects, land development, site planning and transportation planning.


    To preserve and enhance the quality of life our citizens expect and deserve in their transportation facilities now and in the future and provide a commitment of the highest standards for traffic safety.

    Key functions of Transportation Engineering include:

    • Transportation Planning
    • Capital Projects
    • Signal Timing/ITS Communications Mgt
    • Counts/Data Collection
    • Development Review
    • Street Lighting
    • Citizen Request/ Work Orders
    • Community Outreach

    Key functions of Traffic Operations include:

    • Signals
    • Flashers
    • Signs
    • Striping/ Markings


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